Animal feed

For all animal species

Feeding pets today is a complex and challenging task, as pet owners only want top quality products for their best friends. Color, smell and appearance are just as important as ingredient quality. Plant-based raw materials can be used to replace animal fats or proteins and the appearance of a product can remain stable for longer.

Cattle have other requirements: the feed needs to be as effective as possible and at a low cost. Thus the feed recipes include raw material which replace expensive ones or ingredients the animals do not like.

The applications include the manufacture of feed products for dogs, cats and other small animal, horse feed and feed for cattle such as beef cattle, pigs, calves, laying hens, sheep, goats and dairy cows.

Pet food

Individual feed stuff and feed-stuff substitutes for the manufacture of

  • wet and dry food for dogs and cats
  • Diabetic feed
  • Performance feed
  • Function pre-mixture

Feed for cattle and horses

Individual feed stuff and feed stuff substitutes for the manufacture of

  • Supplemental feed
  • Mineral feed stuffs
  • Dairy replacement
  • Fattening feed
  • Concentrated feed
  • Diabetic feed
  • Specialty products for certain animal species